Company Challenges Of Hogan Paige


Journals recently spoke along with Paige and Hulk Hogan to promote the return associated with WWE Tough Enough. The entire article can be found at this hyperlink.

Below are some highlights: What exactly are three business lessons a person learned in your career?

Hogan: Save your money, save your cash and save your damn funds.

Paige: That’s what I obtained told as soon as I got [in the entertainment industry], because you could be gone the next day and you don’t want to be completely screwed. Also, stay humble as well as hungry.

What has been the greatest accomplishment in your career?

Hogan: My biggest accomplishment is actually staying relevant for more than 30 years because a lot of guys is going to be in this business for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, however I had a really great run together to stay relevant. I transformed characters a few times and do reality TV and a bunch of various TV series. I never imagined at 61 years younger that I would still be here.

Paige: Getting signed to the WWE was the biggest accomplishment I can do and also being at this type of young age and being the actual WWE Diva’s champion had been big. What is the biggest company challenge you’ve faced and did you learn from it?

Hogan: Making the transition from really wrestling to trying to figure out how you can generate revenue without actually getting in the ring. I had formed to figure out how to use my brand name and exploit the more than 3 decades of goodwill with the globe and turn that right into a money making machine. Once you battle main events for three decades and all of a sudden it’s removed from you because physically you can not do it, reality sets in in addition to to figure out how to reinvent your self. I made that changeover out of survival. I experienced a crazy divorce, I had developed a huge $60 million municipal suite from an accident and also my body shut down on me personally for two years – I had fashioned nine back surgeries. I put to figure out how to take the company, make it work and do stuff We wasn’t used to doing for example open other businesses along with other ventures.

Paige: This dates back to the saving money plan. The very first year and a half that I has been here, I thought “man, We have money. What should I perform with it? Save it? Number ” I would buy things immediately, but I got in to a lot of trouble. I had to obtain surgery, I got into a car crash and someone took all the money I had in my banking account and all of it came at the same time and I fell into financial debt. After that, I learned that Required to be very smart together with my money.

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