Clash Royale tips, decks, cards and cheat codes

clash royale tipsHere you can find useful tips for Clash Royale. We not only give some beginners tips for the attack and defense, but also for the matching cards in your deck and start to the question to speak, whether it already Clash Royale cheats and hacks there. A few months ago, the new title has been announced by the Clash-of-Clans-makers and at that time already caused a lot of interest.A few days ago Clash Royale is finally released and as expected, the game a great popularity. Here, the gameplay is a mix of a card game in conjunction with a tower-defense. Accordingly, the app plays different from the previous releases of Supercell. Thanks to the good beginners tutorials can be found quite quickly into Clash Royale and you get the most important functions explained. In addition, we have you here also some Clash Royale tips summarized that are safe ease the game started.

Clash Royale tips for beginners

The gameplay of Clash Royale is actually quite simple, once you understand it. You step in the 1 against 1 fight against another player, the goal is to destroy the enemy castle. To prevent this, there is not only defenses that you previously only once has to overcome, but also the enemy troops. At the bottom of the screen you can see your available cards from the deck. These cards you can play with the appropriate elixir and put the troops on the field. In addition to classic units like giants, Archer or hang there in Clash Royale special abilities and spells as a fireball or a hail of arrows.

Tips for Clash Royale

  • A good deck is the alpha and omega in Clash Royale.Even if you initially did not have many units for combat available, you can with Arena 1 and later provided the standard deck with other units. In the compilation of the card deck, you should make sure that you have both strong units typically consume much Elixir for use, as well as weaker units. When compiling your Clash Royale Deck You should also make sure that you have not only melee for the ground assault case, but can also destroy enemy air units.
  • The best deck brings you nothing if you’re playing impatient and vorgehst without strategy and tactics.We always wait until until the opponent plays off the first card and units placed on the field. Initially you start with a not completely full elixir bar, therefore it is advisable once to wait so long until the elixir bar is full, then to be able to play two units immediately. If the opponents have recognized early ready to attack, one must of course react accordingly.
  • You should never send weak units alone forward, therefore Place Always a tank and then weaker units such as archers or bomber behind.
  • As attack strategy for the beginning of a possible procedure, place a strong unit, such as a giant (classic tank in Clash Royale) quite far back in your base.Slowly he moves toward the bridge to the enemy territory. In the time it is not attacked by the enemy and at the same time your elixir bar recharges. When it hits the bridge you can link directly or two questions and enclose a unit behind him.
  • Games not too impatient, just because the opponent may already stands at your tower you should not equal the entire elixir of units to repel the attack.Often you can distract the enemy by using the skeleton army or goblins, so the Tower sufficiently may cause harm. The remaining elixir should remember save for a counterattack in the form of a counter-attack.
  • Hone your card regularly in Clash Royale.It is to give players the focus unlock only on new units, which is all well and good, at the same time should the collected gold but also spend on it to provide its existing cards with upgrades and improve.
  • When a tower is already virtually destroyed, you should not throw anything on the defense, you’re probably already own just before the castle, then the units sit prefer a to attack and try to destroy the castle faster than your opponent.
  • Open your regular chests, without the use of jewels it costs a little time and are first all 4 places full, you cannot get a new chests.

Those were our Clash Royale tips for beginners. The list we will expand from time to time for more hints and tricks. Do you still have more to do at the right deck, defense or attack or generally Clash Royale? Share your experiences like with other players and us in the comments.

Clash Royale strategies and tactics for the attack

  • Wait until the opponent attacks from or to your elixir bar to 10 (full) is.
  • then Place a giant or other tank in the level of your base and wait until it is just before the bridge.
  • now Place a few damage dealer behind him like an archer but also a baby dragon or Musketerin.If available you can also put a mini PEKKA, this can easily be combined with the tremendous also.
  • The giant is running directly at the enemy towers and takes a big damage on it, at the time the damage dealer from the background may itself great harm without itself having to put up with much, provided the player has his clever tactics no items in they deposed.
  • In order to prevent the enemy from coming too fast to your towers to very good use, the goblins or the skeleton army, these prevent the enemy quickly climb to the walls of the tower, while the defense tower from the background can already shoot.

The above-described Clash Royale strategy works in the first few games quite well, especially if the opponent has no right tactics and simply wild placed units in the game, of which there are admittedly quite a few players.

Clash Royale jewels and coffers

The Jewels is the premium currency in Clash Royale. This not only chests open faster but you can also buy gold. It is quite difficult to make the premium currency in the form of Clash Royale jewels in the game and get free, so you should be sparing with the starter bonus of 100 jewels. How should best spend the jewels that still follows in another post. it is for you to The Jewels in Clash Royale in different sizes buy, the more you buy, the cheaper.

  • Handful Jewels – 80 pieces – 0.99 Euro (0.12 Euro for 10 Jewels)
  • Jewel Bag – 500 pieces – 4,99 €
  • Jewel bucket – 1,200 pieces – 9,99 Euro
  • Jewel barrel – 2,500 – 19,99 Euro
  • Jewel truck – 6,500 – 49,99 Euro
  • Jewel Heap – 14,000 – 99,99 Euro (EUR 0.07 for 10 Jewels)

In the chests are various rewards such as gold, new maps but also jewels. There are seven different types of chests in Clash Royale and include the free chest, crown chest, silver chest, gold chest, huge chest, magic chest and the super magic chest. In order to open the treasure chests you have to have a little more time, because they can be opened only after a certain waiting period. To speed up the process you can also use gems.

Clash Royale cheats and hacks

As with any game with a premium currency is of course already the demand for a working Clash Royale cheat or hack very large. Who wants to not have more jewels on the virtual account or infinitely open chests and unlock all the cards. Currently there are no cheats or hacks for Clash Royale and that will probably not change as quickly. As with Clash of Clans although there are already dozens of sites that offer a supposed Jewels Hack for Clash Royale, but these are nothing more than fakes of which you should keep your distance. The Cheats offered there in the form of programs are mostly equipped with malware or other adware. Not to mention the fact, that is the use of cheat codes is not provided and therefore not allowed.